Maritime Service

Through our maritime service, we operate in the main global traffics by partially contracting ships from international shipowners, guaranteeing competitive prices, increased security, warehouse frequency and a series of services to achieve the best results for our clients.

We offer a service that adapts
to the client’s requirements

We have the expertise and the trajectory to offer a service that adapts to the requirements of the client business to add value in each operation with the following detail:

FCL Container (“Full Container Load”): shipments that, due to their weight and / or volume, require a full 20´o 40´ container

LCL (“Less Container Load”): For those shipments that do not complete a container, we offer our cargo consolidation service.

Multimodal: complementing our maritime service, we connect with land services by truck and / or rail, via Argentine ports, as well as in Chilean ports, until the later arrival at the final destination.

Projects: We have the ability to ship packages with dimensions and / or special weights, both in containers and in appropriate vessels for this type of cargo.

Asia | Far East

We reach as far as our customers need, moving forward-looking opportunities. Through our overseas maritime import services, we connect Argentina with the East by providing:

Professional service that adapts to the needs of each of our clients, where we make each operation a source of opportunities for each particular business.

Permanent feedback that allows our customers to have the best control of their purchases

Warehouses with maximum space to operate and take advantage of.

High frequency of departures: We have availability in all the ships that operate the traffic, which allows us to schedule your shipments more accurately and with a variety of alternatives, improving shipping times. < / p>

Consolidated service from all ports of the Far East (Asia), which avoids extra outsourcing costs.

Operation to all port terminals in the country , which gives the customer the opportunity to choose the terminal of their choice, according to their particular needs.

Advice for the client based on traffic specialization

Exclusive products developed by Navicon and designed to minimize costs and optimize efforts.


We connect Argentina with the main ports of Europe by the North Sea ( Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and England ) and the Mediterranean ( Italy, France and Spain ), with a direct weekly service on all ships of each traffic. This allows us to meet all the needs of our customers.

For shipments in EXW condition (“EX WORKS”), we take the cargo from the same plant of the supplier in any European country.

The LCL consolidation service operates from the main ports of the continent and connects with all other European cities.

United States

Our international transport services provide comprehensive solutions that allow our clients to move opportunities. Therefore, we offer an exclusive service for the three maritime coasts of the United States: East Coast, West and Gulf with direct weekly departures.

In the case of shipments in EXW condition (EX WORKS), we take the loads from the supplier’s plant at any point of the North American territory. And, in turn, we connect Canada via the East Coast.

The LCL consolidation service is offered via the Miami hub.

Latin America | Mercosur

For Latin America, we offer direct stops at the main Gulf ports in Mexico and the Caribbean in Colombia. In the case of the Pacific ports, we provide solutions via Chilean ports; and in the rest of the countries, we connect shipments with transshipment.

For Mercosur, with special focus on Brazil, we provide a comprehensive service. We serve the main Brazilian ports directly on a weekly basis, even with the possibility of taking shipments from the supplier’s plant in EXW condition (“EX WORKS”).

The LCL consolidation service is weekly via the port of Santos, which functions as a hub for the rest of the Brazilian origins.