Insurance Service

In addition to providing excellent freight forwarding service, we also offer a coverage network to protect shipments that require more than just transportation. Personalized advice with different coverage options.

Service features

Speed ​​ in the diagnosis of implicit risks and in the issuance of policies.

Personalized attention in claims through a worldwide network of insurance liquidators.

Coverage “Door to Door” against all risks.

Agility in the issuance of Coverage Certificates.

Competitive rates and benefits for combined operations.

Coverage in national distribution .

Claims Control Services

Inspections of preventive control of goods in ports, airports and tax warehouses.

Use of devices for detection of loss of cold, blows and subtraction of merchandise in packaging.

Logistics Risk Management Services

Risk analysis and management: we advise for the prevention of losses or damages in each foreign trade operation.

Personalized advice to choose the best coverage at the lowest cost.

Satellite tracking of charges and / or armed custodians managed by insurers lowering costs.